What we do


We will help you develop your funding strategy. We work with you to develop your idea into a robust and realistic project plan. We also offer a full research bid writing service for both EU or UK funding competitions.

Project Management

We offer continuous support from inception to commercialisation. We can tailor our project management service to your needs.


We make the most of your network to build a great project team and can also connect you to our trusted industrial and academic contacts from various sectors.

Project Monitoring

We can independently monitor your existing research projects to help your team ensure that targets are met on time and on budget. This can be especially valuable where you have a subcontract agreement with another company.

Innovate UK Smart Grant Funding
£25 MILLION available!!


Innovate UK projects must be:
UK Business or UK RTO Led
Single Partner or Collaborative
Carried out in UK and results exploited from the UK
Project Duration: 6 – 36 months
Typical Project Costs: £25k to £2 million


  • Up to 70% funded


  • Up to 70% funded


  • Up to 70% funded


  • Up to 45% funded


Type of Research

Enables companies to assess commercial viability, through:

  • Market research
  • Market testing and competitor analysis
  • Intellectual property position
  • Initial planning to take the project to commercialisation, including assessing costs, time-scales and funding requirements.

Enables companies to explore the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a new technology, product or process:

  • Initial feasibility studies
  • Basic prototyping
  • Specialist testing and/or demonstration to provide basic proof of technical feasibility
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Investigation of production and assembly options.

Enables companies to mature the project concept into a novel product, process or
service leading to a significant ROI.

Enables companies to develop a technologically innovative product, service or industrial process.

Example - EU Funding
H2020 SME Instrument

Phase I

  • €50k Lump sum
  • £70% Funded
  • Up to 6 months

Phase II

  • Typical grant €500k - €2.5 million
  • 70% Funded
  • 1 - 2 years

European Commission
Research Strategy – SME Instrument

This funding supports highly innovative SMEs, working independently or collaboratively to take their strong, innovative business idea to market. Full-cycle business innovation support is provided from the stage of business idea conception and planning (phase I) over business plan execution and demonstation (phase II) to commercialisation (phase III).


Enables companies to explore and assess the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a breakthrough innovation.

If the feasibility assessment concludes that an innovation project is needed you can apply for support for a phase 2 project.

Enables SMEs to develop their innovative business idea further into a market-ready product, service or process.

There is also a 3rd phase available

Phase III (go-to-market): Take advantage of additional EU support to enter the market successfully (no grants).

Your company may be interested in other types of funding under Horizon 2020

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